How It Works


Launch Google Chrome and click on the download button on the home page. Install the plug-in for free.

Go Online

Open the page you would like to browse. You can find the 3asyR logo on the right side of the address bar.

Start reading

Click on the logo to open drop down menu. With a click you can underline the entire paragraph. If you choose the first word of the paragraph and move right, the words will appear highlighted and with an increased font to help you read faster. Alt + click will clear all modifications and you can start all over.

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How it all started

This is Mary, initiator of 3asyR. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 22. For many years I was trying to explain how much I struggled with reading or understating some things and nobody would believe me.

After many attempts to improve my reading skills, I discovered that by highlighting or underlining the text word by word or sentence by sentence made it much easier. But what happens when we read online, which appears to be our main source of information nowadays? That’s how the idea of 3asyR was born.

I presented the idea at the Start-up live event in Thessaloniki, Greece last fall and we received the award for best app idea. After months of hard work we have finally reached the desired stage of development and 3asyR is ready for you to use and explore much easier the web.

I wish you enjoy reading with 3asyR as much as I do! Try it, use it, love it and give us your feedback, so that we can make it better for you!

Mary Tsiana


Meet the rest of the team

Alexandros Binopoulos

Web Developer

I eat,drink & sleep software developmentα. Long distance runner, I try to do in parallel one thing at a time.

Vasiliki Chrisovitsioti

Graphic Designer

Technology enthusiast, food blogger, gamer and time traveller. Favourite movie: Ghost in the Shell^^.

Zacharias Zacharodimos

Software Engineer

Software Engineer curently placed at Geneva. Addicted to curiosity, I try to learn everything.

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